1780~ AUSTRIA~MARIA THERESIA~One Thaler~Silver Coin

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The Maria Theresa thaler is a silver coin that was first minted in 1741 during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. It became widely accepted and circulated throughout Europe and the Middle East due to its consistent weight and silver content.
In the 19th century, restrikes of the Maria Theresa thaler were produced in order to meet the demand for the coin. These restrikes were minted with the same design as the original coin but usually had a different year of issue to distinguish them from the original coins.
The restrikes of the Maria Theresa thaler are still produced today and are highly sought after by collectors and investors. They are minted using the original dies and are made of .833 fine silver. Despite being restrikes, they are considered legal tender in Austria and are also recognized as trade coins in many countries.
The Maria Theresa thaler restrikes are often used as a form of investment or as a collector's item due to their historical significance and enduring popularity. They are known for their beautiful design, which features an image of Maria Theresa on the obverse and the double-headed imperial eagle on the reverse.
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